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Brand Ambassadors

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador’s role is to enhance events by delivering fun and memorable experiences for our clients, spread awareness, increase social reach, and most importantly humanize a specific brand or service.

What skills should a brand ambassador have?

Our brand ambassadors are skilled in:

  • Implementing brand awareness by managing programs to reach desired audiences 

  • Management of event registration/check-in processes using web-based or app-based software.

  • Assisting with onsite logistics, including setup and breakdown of event materials. 

  • Engaging and interacting with intended audiences through activation's

  • Capturing digital media collateral for use on clients 

  • social media handles.

  • Transporting event materials.

  • Assisting with stage management needs during the event program.

Why do we need brand ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors uphold a positive company image by effectively maintaining alignment with their vision and core values of the client. Furthermore, ambassadors are essential factors to foster relationships and brand visibility.

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